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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Dear Jess - Relationship Advice for Before, During & After Your Trip to the Altar
By Jessica Schickel

Dear Reader,

I am no doctor, certainly no psychologist, heck; I barely have a degree at all.  What I am is a writer who just celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary.  I've made some excruciatingly dumb choices in my life, but thankfully marrying my husband wasn't one on them.  Plus, we had a great wedding. So there's that. Hopefully you don't need me to be more qualified than that to address your concerns.

Like all writers, I'm an acute observer – of people, places, behavior, especially bad behavior, which is endlessly fascinating. I read a lot, I think about things, and I write from the solar plexus. 

Welcome to the first installment in an ongoing rumination about relationships, weddings and marriage.  My hope is to have a conversation with you about what ‘it' all means. Write in – let's talk! I know some days I feel like I have insight and wisdom, that I'm on the pollen path. Other days I swim in the shark- infested waters of my own soul, splashing around in a suit made of poultry.

No topic is too trite – Let's talk about everything.  Bad bouquets? Awful step-children?  Seating plans gone awry?  Divorce? Menu preparation? – I'm your gal.   

With delighted anticipation


Dear Jess,

I hear its all tepid sex after marriage.  Is there anything to look forward to in the romance department after I've said my vows?


Getting Hitched

Dear Hitch,

There's plenty of hot sex after marriage. I've heard there are long-married couples still getting it on in new and creative ways, drawers teeming with special garments and apparatus. I don't actually know these people, but I've heard they're out there.

I say, get the hot sex out of the way in your twenties. Its better when you're still skinny and you have tunes in your boom box not sung by a hand puppet. <

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